Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CRS 231-Career Prospects in the Inudstry

I would be interested in being a Retail Salesperson. My tasks would be to greet customers and and find out what their wants and needs are, handling money, maintain knowledge for certain sales and promotions, maintain records, reccommend, and help the customer obtain what they want. I would need to be knowledgable in such areas as customer service, sales and marketing, administration, management, education and training, and math and english.
Some of the abilities that i would have to possess would be oral comprehension and expression, speech clarity and recognition, problem solving, and information sensitivity.
Nationally the median wage is $9.69, about $20,150 annually, and if i were in North Carolina then i would make approximately $9.39 hourly and $19,500 annually. This profession is now in demand.
Some of the other carreers that could be easily linked to a Retail Salesperson would be Counter and Rental Clerks, Customer Service Representative, and Driver/Sales worker.